I. Recruitment Position: Head of Engineering Department or Process Engineer (Engineering Technician)

Second, the work of treatment: Engineering director of the annual salary of 12-150000 (process engineer annual salary of 100,000), five insurance accommodation and other subsidies, the trial half a year after the allocation of not less than 100,000 original shares, after a year will be based on the actual Work ability and attitude increase share allotment.

Third, the work requirements:

1. College degree or above, strong sense of responsibility, enterprising;

2. Familiar with 3D, AutoCAD drawings, understand (do not need to be familiar with) CNC machining center design, operation;

3. It is preferred to have Taiwan-funded or Japanese-funded working experience. Experience in the production of precision hardware products is preferred, and inexperienced persons can be trained as engineering technicians.

4. Age 25--40 years old.


Welcome all friends to recommend or recommend, if the recommendation is successful, after the first 3 months of entry, the reward recommender 5000---10000 yuan.

Contact: Ye Long, 13750046579.