Sanming rotary hook joining process

Consultation understanding

Investor: Go to headquarters to learn about matters by phone, internet, fax or directly.

Headquarters: Details the brand business model and joining agency methods.

Apply for a store

Investor: Submit an application for joining and report its basic conditions and business environment.

Headquarters: Master the situation, conduct store evaluations and business district analysis.

Qualification approval

Investor: Implement stores, personnel, and funds.

Headquarters: Qualify and plan.

sign the agreement 

Investor: Signed a written agreement, payment officially joined.

Headquarters: Clearly define the responsibilities, rights and interests of both parties and formally establish cooperative relationships for investors.

Preparation for opening

Investor: Carry out shop decoration, personnel recruitment training, ordering, receiving and display.

Headquarters: provide decoration, promotional items, specific distribution, delivery, provide business planning, skills training.