Sanming Xusuo joining agency conditions

◆ Must have a certain understanding of the sewing market and related channel resources.

◆ Have a vision of market development and a certain economic basis;

◆ Recognize the company's business philosophy and voluntarily abide by all management regulations, guidance and supervision.

◆ have a certain organization and management capabilities;

◆ Good reputation and sense of social responsibility;

◆Be able to put all your mind into your business;

◆ There is a corresponding capital investment ability and risk awareness.

I. Prospects of the sewing machine industry

According to the rapid development of China's sewing machine equipment industry, relevant data shows that in 2015 China's sewing equipment market capacity will reach 100 billion yuan, the market has great potential for development!

Second, the choice of joining locations

The headquarters provides analysis and assessment of the location of the store, allowing you to win at the starting line.

Third, staffing requirements

Headquarters provides advice on how to arrange staffing

Fourth, joining the capital strength

Operators must have considerable financial strength for the leasing, decoration and first batch purchase of shops in the previous period.