Sewing machine stitching principle?
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Date: 2018-05-26
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Like cars, most of the basic principles of the sewing machine are the same. The core of the car is the internal combustion engine, and the core of the sewing machine is the coil.The method of winding ...

Like cars, most of the basic principles of the sewing machine are the same. The core of the car is the internal combustion engine, and the core of the sewing machine is the coil.

The method of winding stitch is very different from ordinary manual sewing. In the most simple manual suture, sewing in the needle at the tail end of the small eyes on a thread, then pin joint line completely through the two pieces of fabric, from one side wear to the other side, and then put back the original side. So, needle with line import fabric, put them

Stitch together.

Although it is very simple for manual, but it is very difficult to pull the machine with the machine. The machine needs to release the needle on one side of the fabric, and then hold it on the other side. Then, it needs to pull the line all loose fabric, turned the needle direction, then reverse direction and repeat all the steps. This

The process is too complicated for a simple machine, and is not practical, and even if it is only for a short time, it will be useful for a short line.

Instead, the sewing machine only needs to pass through the fabric. In the needle, the needle tip in the back, but not in the end of the needle.

The needle is fixed on the needle bar, and the needle bar is made up and down by the motor through a series of gears and cams (which will be introduced later in detail).

When the tip of the needle passes through the fabric, it pulls out a small coil on the other side. A device under the fabric will grasp the coil, and then wrap it in another line or the same wire. In the following two sections, we will see how the system works.

The simplest coil is a chain stitch. If you want to sew a chain stitch, the line of the same length of the sewing thread is used to ring. The fabric is located on a piece of metal plate under the needle and fixed with a pin. The needle passes through the fabric to pull out a coil at the beginning of each stitch. A device for making a coil before the needle is pulled out.

Hold the coil, the device and the needle synchronized movement. Once the needle is pulled out of the fabric, the fabric will be pulled forward (later on).

The new coil will go straight through the middle of the previous coil when the needle passes through the fabric. A device for making a coil will hold the line again and do the coil around the next coil. In this way, each coil will be fixed in place of the next coil.

The main advantage of the chain stitch is that it can be very fast. However, it is not particularly strong, if the end of the line is loose, it may be the whole of the sewing will be completely loose. Most of the sewing machine using a stronger lock stitch suture, called. You can in the animation below about the working principle of typical device thereof


Key device is the most important swing hook and bobbin assembly. The spool is placed in the fabric following a roll line. It is located in the center of the pendulum, the latter is driven by the motor, and the movement of the needle is synchronized.

The same as the chain stitch, the needle passes through the fabric to pull out a coil, and the fabric is raised, and the other coil is set in. However, the closure mechanism is not different coil connection together, but they are and from the spool release another line connected.

When the needle line will be set into the coil, the rotating shuttle catch coil with crochet. With the rotation of the shuttle, it pulled out from the line around the coil bobbin. This makes stitching very strong.

This kind of rotary shuttle, but also through the evolution of the shuttle.

The principle of the stitch of the sewing machine is made up of the spindle and the spindle is in the mature stage.

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